Why Indian women are leaving the workplace at world's fastest rate?

Indian women are leaving the workplace at world's 
fastest rate?

                   Despite  Indian  women have held high offices including that of the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Leader of the Opposition, Union Ministers, Chief Ministers and Governors ,CEO & heads of top global business units along with significant number of technical professionals ,Advocates ,Fashion Designers etc.  But Recent trends  is that Indian women are rapidly leaving the workforce compare to the women’s of most countries of world .

Why do well-educated working Indian women end up doing all the cooking and cleaning at home when their husbands sit around doing nothing?

Although in modern  times the promotion of equal rights by many reformers, the history of women in India has been eventful but question remains the same -Why Aren’t India’s Women Working?

I think major reasons are below ,you can add more reasons in comment Box-

   1.General Problems -

        In India a  woman may work, but not at the cost of household and familial responsibilities. A woman must ensure that she performs well as a bahu (daughter-in-law), even though she does not perform well professionally.  A woman’s profession and her colleagues need to be approved by family members before allowing a woman to work

 2. Women’s are self tolerating it !yes  you most probably cannot  deny it -
            When you have grown up in a house where your mother has tolerated your fathers refusal to help, you expect your husband to be the same way. 

3. Most Indian Men expect it!!!!
      Same as women, when they have grown up in an environment where your mom did all the household work and your dad didn't lift a finger to help leads to them having similar expectations of their own marriage. 

    4. Society expects it

    From the ancient days men have worked outside the home to bring in money/food and women have worked inside. Due to women being the only one capable of child birth and feeding, this was a logical way to split responsibilities. As with many things in our culture,  as responsibilities of women slowly changed to include education and working and earning money there has been a lag in society catching up. Older generations who lived in the earlier times hold on stubbornly to that way of life and expect newer generations to act in that way too. This has led to the unfortunate system of women being educated and working outside the home but also having to work inside the home with no other help. Until society catches up women will have to bear the brunt of this.

  We should clearly understand that women’s Make 50 % ( Approx )of  workforce , we should not waste it ,If you are women come forward and be  the part of development of yourself ,your family and Whole  world  ..Proud to be Women ,Indian Women !!!

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