Should one marry to working girl or house wife in India?

Should one marry to working girl or house wife in India?

Just before marriage biggest question which comes in mind of every  Indian guy is that he should marry to working girl or house wife in India?

Before taking any decision in this regard , First as a guy you must check the following :--
Marriage Decision Really Very Tough -One Decision changes rest of your life

   1.   What is your earning and if you will be able to provide a good comfortable life with one income

   2. Being an arranged marriage, you should check with your parents what kind of girl will suit your family. Because if you are a person who wishes to stay together with parents post marriage, you should consider their preference too for daily peace .it is very important factor more particularly  n case of Indians

    3.You must think about factors like childbirth, health of a woman etc in the longer run and decide if will you be able to support her in the longer run not just emotionally but also helping in cooking ,household chores etc.

   4.Bigger Challenge is  (yes !!!most of the time it is challenge )You cannot ask your wife to work when you want to and stop her when you don’t want to, even if it may be sometime need of time that one of you (either spouse ) need to quit work life in order to run after daily  family matters smoothly .

   5.  One very very important point is There is a lot of difference between a working girl and a career oriented woman! Career oriented woman puts her career first before everything. Their view towards marriage,kids, family will be different. Make sure you clear it.

   6.There might be a lot of working girls who wish to give money every month to her parents. So you cannot stop her from doing it. After  marriage  it may create problem , non understanding between couple .

Now come to comparison  :-

Here are some advantages and disadvantages ---

Advantages -

1.  Extra Income –Now a day’s living a lavish life is everyone’s dream.
But if only men is earning , in general it will only help to  “survive “.A working women  also adds to advantage of helping the family financially. It is beneficial as a woman becomes a helping hand to the husband in terms of money. It makes life easier ,this is need of time not only metro and  big cities but also in tier 2 cities.

2.Life becomes exciting:  Non-working women  remain at home and are not more outgoing. This way they are not able to have or expand their friend circle, but the working women’s  are able to do , this makes life exciting .

3.Smart children: The children of working womens become smart and active as compared to the children of non-working womens. This is because of the fact that the womens being working have to move out of the house leaving all the household chores intact, the children behind understand their responsibilities and manages to do all their tasks without being dependent on others thus become smart and active enough.

    4.Inculcate good habits: The working womens are now a day helped by their spouse in household chores after returning from work. By seeing the fathers being a helping hand to womens, children learn good habits and inculcate manners of helping others as well as their womens, thus in this way good habits are inculcated in them.


Married Life Side Effect

1. Adverse effect on Sexual Life: After working for ten hours continuously in office creates fatigue and tiredness. The activeness vanishes the moment women reaches home. This affects sex life after few years of life

2. Generally  Health issues  are more in working  women -: A working women has to manage both house and office both at equal level that’s too on a daily basis. Having the same routine regularly without any rest may lead to health issues and other problems which also ruins the family life.

3. Children may feel alone and fall in a bad company: Children get freedom in excess when they don’t see womens around to stop them from vices. This is very common problem with working  parents .

5. Less time for kids: Working woman is not able to devote quality time to their kids. This way the kids are not able to share their feelings and remain quite over the important matters. This makes them introvert and are not able to express their feeling with parents.

8. No helping hand: If the husband is not helping the wife in household chores, it may cause difficulty for her as she then has to work 24 hours all alone without any help, it may affect co-operation and husband wife relationship, resulting in the end of such a pious relation. This way the whole family gets destroyed and even the future of children is affected.

9. Suffering harassment at workplace: Working women often have to suffer harassment like eve teasing to even sexual harassment. Many women had to go through all such on a daily basis. Whereas non-working woman does not have to face all this.

10. Conclusion: (Writer’s View )-

Happy Married Life 

You should marry a girl you love. Doesn't matter if she works outside of home or doesn't. If you love someone, then marry them. Her holding a job or not won't effect your married life in anyway.Most women these days enjoy working and being independent financially, and that's very respectable.

Final Conclusion – Everything depends upon  individual let it be marrying to working girl / Non working girl ,or any other important decision of life .

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