Customers should observe following Do’s and Don’ts while using ATM CARD

Customers should observe following Do’s and Don’ts to keep their transaction safe and secure at ATM/WLA:

1.   Do not write PIN on the card.

2.   Never share PIN with anyone or seek help from anybody         by handing over the card and revealing the PIN.
3.   Never let anyone see the PIN while it is being entered at        the ATM.
4.   He/she should never lend his/her card to anyone.

5.   Customer should conduct any ATM/WLA transaction in   complete privacy.
6.   Only one card holder should enter and access ATM/WLA            kiosk at a time.
7.   Never use a PIN that could be easily guessed. e.g. his/her birthday, birthday of spouse or telephone number.

8.   Never leave card in the ATM/WLA.

9.   Beware of any extra devices attached to the ATMs/WLAs. These may be put to capture customer’s data fraudulently. If any such device is found, inform the security guard / bank/ white label ATM entity maintaining it immediately.

10.              Keep an eye on suspicious movements of people around ATMs/WLAs. Customer should beware of strangers trying to engaging him/her in conversation or offering assistance / help in operating the ATM.

11.             Remember that bank officials will never ask for card details or PIN over telephone / email. So, do not respond to any vishing / phishing mails from people indicating that they represent your bank.